Zone Development Meeting – January 4, 2006

Another year with great memories to come!  And today was a day to remember.  We had a zone development meeting at the church and it was actually pretty cool.  The idea was to keep the meeting a lot more interactive and have the missionaries participate and learn more.  It was great and I got to do two different role plays.  One was with Feller and I thought we did really well.  President actually came up to me after and said that he really enjoyed watching me teach and that I am becoming more confident each day.  He also told me I had a great spirit and that he had a great plan for me.  Not sure what that meant, but it felt great to hear him speak so positively on what I’m doing.  I set a goal to work as hard as possible and really push it.  The goal is to have “no regrets” on the mission and keep the momentum going.  Really feeling good about life and the mission today.  Great time to come in Hampstead, North Carolina.

Ryan Van Wagenen served a two year philanthropic church mission in North Carolina.
Missionaries on their philanthropic church mission

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