2006 is my Full Year on the Mission – January 1, 2006

What a New Years we had – 2006 is going to be the year!  Today was amazing and we just keep plugging along.  Brother Rhodes came to church today and bore his testimony.  It is so cool to see someone that you had seen earlier that week come to church.  He talked about how miracles happen in life and god shapes our lives through experiences we have.  He had some crazy crash and a car crushed him, but he was able to conquer it through God.  Pretty cool experience!  The rest of church was great as well as we had the largest class for gospel principles that we had before.  There were 14 people and we could not stop people from participating.  Pretty good progression here in Hampstead and great times to come!

Ryan Van Wagenen was on his philanthropic church mission in North Carolina during the 2006 new year.
New Year on the Mission

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