I'm in North Carolina! - July 5, 2005

I'm in North Carolina!  Today I just got my first assignment and first mission companion.  We taught the first lesson within five minutes of meeting each other.  It flowed very well.  Elder Montague is a great missionary and extremely optimistic.  Anyway, we're serving in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.  Feels a bit like the sticks on North Carolina, but I am so pumped!  There are some really nice areas here as well - I love how green and beautiful this state is and people seem to be so nice!  He's saying his prayer right now, it's 10:40pm.  Anyway, we had a night appointment with the Estes' family.  They are the nicest people ever!  They had an all green meal for us because I was there and I'm "green" in the mission.  We taught the first lesson to them and they seemed to like it.  After she asked me for a blessing because she is having trouble with trying to stop smoking.  Anyway, I miss the family today, but I am happy to be here.  I am EXCITED for the work!  Wow, Elder Montague prays a long time!  I should finish up my letters while I have this 20 minutes of him praying.  This seems like a great area and what a great first mission companion.  Good things to come!

Ryan Van Wagenen on his philanthropic mission in North Carolina.  His trainer was Montague
Ryan Van Wagenen with his mission trainer in North Carolina

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