Learning So Much About The Gospel – December 26, 2005

I am learning so much about the gospel and loving it!  The past few months have been eye opening in terms of how great the teachings of Christ are and how much ability to learn and memorize we are given while on the mission.  I have many scriptures memorized and it just feels really good to have those words in my head and heart.  Really feeling good to be out here in North Carolina.

Brother Bruce took us over to the “Captain’s” today and it was awesome.  We went over and the guy is 93 years old.  He has been meeting with missionaries for a while and just has the best spirit about him.  He said the missionaries have changed his life and he just feels good when he sees us and listen to what we talk about.  He has so much perspective given his age and taught us some good life lessons as well.  Great times in North Carolina!

Ryan Van Wagenen was a missionary in North Carolina in 2005.  He loved his philanthropic mission and learned a lot.

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