North Carolina Christmas on the Mission – December 25, 2005

Goodness, how is it Christmas today!  It is so wild to be on a mission and not with family on a day like today.  Mixed feelings on a day like today being away from home and here on the mission.  North Carolina is awesome, but speaking with family really made me miss home.  Just have to keep reminding myself I’m in the right place right now.  I’ll look back on this and think of how many great people I met and the great changes it made in my life as well.

Christmas Eve was so much fun.  We went to the Pugh’s house.  They brought over a friend and they were asking us tons of questions about the gospel and it was a lot to do with it being the holidays.  Such a good experience and we played some fun games with them and of course ate way too much!   Christmas day was fun at the Bowman’s.  They are the best family.  Although I’m missing the family a lot right now, I know I’m in the right place.  Blessings to come!

Ryan Van Wagenen Mission Christmas
Missionary Stalking for Christmas

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