Zone Conference and Exchanges - October 4, 2005

So today we had lunch at Golden Corral!  The Howard's are super nice and we had a great time speaking with them as we ate the most food I've eaten (maybe ever).  Way too much food, but so good.  Missionaries and buffets are trouble!  We had zone conference as well and I learned a ton.  My interview with President Mabey was great too - He is such a good guy and I get the feeling he really cares about me and wants me to do well on the mission.  He told me that I had a great spirit about me and that the mission would be a very rewarding experience for me.  I feel like I am getting into a zone out here and really starting to understand what I'm doing here in North Carolina and really liking it.  Good times to come in Hampstead and with Roberts.  He is the funniest guy I've met on the mission and I think we're getting along pretty well.

Brother Bruce drove us to the zone conference and he is the man - The guy offers to drive us everywhere and to any appointments that we want him to.  Such a great guy and he reads the scriptures all the way through monthly.  He is some sort of a speed reader.  He also has some awesome terminology.  We were driving and there was an attractive person outside and he said "don't look, FDA!"  We said what is an FDA... He says "Fiery Dart of the Adversary" - You know temptation by the devil to try and throw you off course.  Definitely had not heard that one before.  This guy is one of a kind and awesome.  Also had ZL exchanges and I was with Buffington and we taught a ton of lessons and it felt good to see a new style and get his views on the mission.  Good times!

Ryan Van Wagenen on his philanthropic mission in North Carolina
Ryan Van Wagenen on his Philanthropic Church Mission in North Carolina

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