My Call to North Carolina - March 18, 2005

It was a Friday... most mission calls came on Wednesdays or Thursdays, but the family was all coming to Utah Friday evening and I woke up at 6am that morning and knew it was coming that day!  Anyway, I went over to grandma's house at about 11:30am and the mail hadn't come yet.  I had to leave at 12:45pm to get to class, but on the way out I saw the mail man.  He said he hadn't seen any mission calls, but he checked anyway and found it.  I went home and grandma and I began to feel very nervous.  I hid the call upstairs so neither of us would look at it until mom, Missy and dad got there that night.  I was nervous... Grandma was even more than I was.  She was worried I was going to get called far away to Ghana, Ethiopia, or somewhere too far away and different.  Before I opened it, I had everyone write down on a paper their top 3 guesses... Dad, Missy, Mom, Grandma, Norman, and Cyndi were at the opening.  Right before I opened it, "Idaho" flashed in my head, which made me even more nervous.  When I opened it, I immediately read it quietly instead of out loud and said "well... we've been there before."  Mom shouted out "San Diego, Las Vegas???"  Dad started to look worried.  Then I said think furniture... and then they said "North Carolina" and dad said I got a good call and grandma looked relieved.  North Carolina Raleigh Mission.  It felt unreal, so I want upstairs to think about it.  Brittany came over a few minutes later and I "re-opened" it.  I felt surprised that it wasn't somewhere "Crazy", but I was HAPPY!  Brittany met the family and they all got along really well.  She hugged mom and dad before she left and everything was GREAT!

Ryan Van Wagenen North Carolina PCF

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