First Day in the Mission Training Center - June 15, 2005

Today was quite the day!  We'll start with yesterday first though.  Mom, dad, and I landed in Salt Lake City 30 minutes early, so we darted and made it to see the end of the Miss Utah Scholarship Pageant.  This would be the last opportunity before the mission started to see the girlfriend one last time.  We missed the first event, but were able to see Brittany in competition and she was stunning.  It made me realize I was going to miss her quite a bit!  We had dinner after at PF Changes, then headed to grandma's.  I went to bed a little after 1 and then it started to set in... 2 years is going to be a long time!  I woke really starting to feel it, I was going to be gone a long time.  We went to the MTC and dad, mom, and grandma came with me and we were all crying after this departing movie they play at the end of the welcome ceremony... It was sad!  Grandma gave me a huge hug and said I hope this isn't the last time I see you.  Goodness, I love grandma so much - She better live to 100!  I met my companion, Elder Davis and he seemed pretty chill.  We went to our branch meeting where we found out about our classes the next few weeks.  My branch president is President Wooley.  He was a university professor and used to be a stake president in Los Angeles, so we bonded.  He also gave me the opportunity of saying the closing prayer.  Day 1... It's getting real!

Ryan Van Wagenen North Carolina MTC

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