Good Times in North Carolina - August 18, 2005

I am feeling so good this week.  Everything is going so great here in North Carolina!  I love this area and the people in Rocky Mount could not be better.  Gibbons is so easy to get along with and we are doing everything possible to be the best missionaries we can be.  We are meeting with local church members quite a bit and looking for ways to help them in any way that we can.  This has been really fruitful as they are introducing us to their neighbors and friends.  It's been awesome building relationships of trust with the members.  I really like it here a lot!  We worked really hard today and Bishop Holloman is the man!  Promotion every member a missionary and comparing it to huge sale of fish at the grocery store.  "If there was a huge sale on salmon down at the grocery store, you would want to tell everyone you know.  Why not the same urgency with the gospel?"  Pretty true if you think about it and good analogy on his part.  He's also been saying that he wants to see multiple congregations in Rocky Mount and even a Rocky Mount Stake someday!  Members are getting pumped up and it's awesome.  Could not think of a better place to be a missionary right now.  Also had a meeting with my mission president at the zone conference and he told me that it is rare that he would take away a trainer after 6 weeks, but he felt a strong spirit about me and that he knew I could handle it.  Also told me that the other missionaries were talking me up to the APs, so that was awesome to hear.  So tired, but good things are happening out here and I'm starting to hit a stride.

Ryan Van Wagenen in North Carolina doing his philanthropy mission

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